Applying the Functional Territories Concept:Planning Beyond Borders (No. 13)

This paper reviews the concept of functional territories and their application in drafting  flexible development strategies that are not bound by administrative boundaries; highlighting that such strategies can often better capture the importance of development processes, collaborative working and social networks in driving and/or supporting spatial patterns of local economic activities.  The potential application and benefits of functional territories to the forthcoming National Planning Framework (NPF) for Ireland is also highlighted.

Title: Applying the Functional Territories Concept: Planning Beyond Boundaries
Publication Date: June 2016
AuthorDr. Cormac Walsh, Mr. John Driscoll & Ms. Caroline Creamer 
Summary: Previous research carried out by the ICLRD argues that “administrative boundaries do not always coincide with patterns of economic and social activity ‘on the ground’; and as a result, administrative areas can become divorced from the functions of towns and cities” (Gleeson et al, 2010).