National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and the Irish Housing Crisis – Problems and Solutions

By: Robert Curry, Harvard Business School Class of 2011

At the January 2011 ICLRD conference, one of sessions focused on Planning for Homes and Communities and featured Prof. Nic Retsinas of the Harvard Business School. Prof. Retsinas subsequently supervised a final year research project by Mr. Robert Curry at the Harvard Business School. ICLRD helped to facilitate this research and is pleased to make Mr. Curry’s research available. As he notes, other countries, including the US, Sweden, and Japan faced similar crises in the past. The countries that most successfully addressed these problems acted swiftly and with broad political support. In learning from these past crises, he indicates that local communities can proactively approach banks, NAMA and property owners with a plan and support for failed developments.
Download the presentation here.