Conference: Informing Spatial Planning – Preparing for 2007-2013

Informing Spatial Planning – Preparing for 2007-2013
26th January 2007
Hosted by National Institute for Regional & Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), NUI Maynooth

In association with the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), the European Spatial Planning Observatory Network (ESPON), and the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD), a one day workshop, Informing Spatial Planning – Preparing for 2007-2013, was held on 26th January 2007 in John Hume Building, NUI Maynooth.

Given that the new National Development Plan 2007-2013 for Ireland was published on 23rd January, this was a very timely event.  This plan firmly established the links between national, regional and local planning policy and, for the first time, planning and funding have been merged.  Approximately 65 people, representing government departments, local planning authorities, private planning consultants, regional authorities, state agencies, housing agencies, and universities, attended this event.

Emphasis was placed throughout the day on the importance of evidence-informed planning policy and joined-up thinking and action in the future development of Ireland.  The spatial impacts of planning policies need closer investigation.  As noted by Ronan Uhel of the European Environment Agency, Ireland has made many mistakes in the past, particularly in urban development practices, and these should not be repeated.  Through discussions on the future of rural and urban Ireland and the role of ‘Gateways’, ‘Hubs’ and ‘Polycentric settlements’, it is clear that there is a need for stronger planning controls and greater cooperation between the periphery and centres. 

From left to right: Christian Muschwitz,, Neils Boje Groth, Prof. Jim Walsh, Des McCafferty & Patricia O’Hara

From left to right: Christian Muschwitz,, Neils Boje Groth

Relevant Documents:

          Seminar Programme


          Welcome Address – Prof. Jim Walsh

          Moving to Joined-up planning – Brian Kenny

          ESPON & Evidence-Informed Planning – Brendan Bartley

          Spatial Planning Scenarios for Europe – Christian Muschwitz

Rural Session:

Spatial Impacts of CAP & Rural Development Policies – Prof. Jim Walsh

The Future of the Rural in Ireland? – David Meredith

Urban Session:

Learning from Urban Developments in Europe – Ronan Uhel

Polycentric Urban Development  in Planning & Policy – Neils Boje Groth

          The Future of the Urban in Ireland? – Des McCafferty


Closing Comments – Jeanne Meldon