Strategic Environmental Assessments

15 March 2005

EU Directive 2001/42/EC is concerned with assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment within all EU Member States. The conference is a first is a series of assessment and training activities that will provide an opportunity to learn about the mandatory legislative requirements specified under the SEA regulations for Northern Ireland. Practitioners with a vested interest in the environmental assessment of plans and programmes, will have the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions for rolling-out the SEA process within the local context. The conference will help to outline an agenda for future educational, research and up-skilling needs of key stakeholder groups.

The Directive and Regulations also apply to plans and programmes that have a trans-boundary effect in relation to the Republic of Ireland. Monitoring, reporting and review of plans and programmes, both within and between Member States, is a core feature of the Directive. Future phases will focus on the cross-border dimension of SEA. Future courses for practitioners will draw upon all island experiences as well as other relevant international examples.